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Pras Lamp Shade: Various Lampshades Made from Shellfish and Bamboo

Pras Lamp Shade: Various Lampshades Made from Shellfish and Bamboo
05 Oktober 2011

Creativity is a prerequisite in developing an handicraft industry. Not only that, tenacity and hard work as well as the ability to create a new innovation are also critical requirements to be success. It has been proved by Heru Prasetyo, lampshade crafter located at Polowidi, RT/RW 07/07, Trimulyo Village, Sleman Regency, Special District of Yogyakarta (DIY). Struggling from scratch, currently his business has been growing rapidly even penetrated into international market. Heru Prasetyo or also called Pras is not the person who satisfied under the condition becomes an official employment. Although he graduated from tourism, but his soul of art and business instinct is quite high. This is what prompted him to establish a business specialized in manufacturing various lampshades and household accessories. Through several trial and errors as he was never educated in art craft and design product, Pras finally managed to create various unique and beautiful lampshade designs. Not only has an attractive design, but also the basic material used to make the craft been fairly unique. Pras wants to be different, so he chooses the shells as its raw material. The shells taken from Lombok are then processed to make it soft, so it can be used as a coating lampshade. In addition to shells, other materials are glass, plastic, mica, various kinds of bamboo, cinnamon, eggshells, banana bark, pal lead ribs, sand, and other natural materials are used. Pras lampshade works consist of various sizes with price range of tens to hundreds of thousands of Indonesian Rupiah. The more difficult and complicated its shape, the higher the price. The handicraft business under the banner of “Pras Lamp Shade” is not only producing lampshades only, but also various household items such as wall hangings, towels, or fruit places that are all made from shells. These did not satisfy him yet, he begins to look at other accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In running his business, Pras holds the principle of empowering the potential of local community. Therefore, all his employees are the citizens who live around his house. Young children and housewives who were initially less knowledge of craft arts, he teaches and trains them. On normal days, the number of employees is only about four to five people, but when the orders increased, his employees could reach 20 to 30 people. Pras Lamp Shade, which has been managed since 2006 together with his wife previously did not focus on the local market, but international market. Craft lampshades have been sent to various countries such as America, France, Canada, Czech, Armenia, Australia, Singapore, and other countries in Eastern Europe. The frequency of the average monthly export reaches one container with a value of US$13000-16000. As for the national market, which being targeted are the expatriates living in Jakarta and Bandung only. Although his various handicrafts are not widely marketed in Indonesia, for those who are interested to have various beautiful shell lampshades need not worry. Pras has several art shops located in Jakarta and Bandung. In addition, he also opened showrooms in Yogyakarta, precisely in Kasongan (Bantul) and St. Turi (Sleman). You can choose any handicraft based of nature made and of course with varying prices ranging from the one with simple and minimalist design, until the glamorous and luxurious multifunctional lampshade. There are also some unique fruit places and tissue boxes. If you are interested to see the process of making various handicrafts of lampshade made from the shells, you can visit the workshop's Pras in Trimulyo, Sleman. Pras will gladly explain it’s step by step in creating his various good products. After that, you can stop for a moment into the residence of Pras, there you find many handicrafts and ornaments, and you can choose anything you want. Various Crafts of export quality with the small prices, all you can get on Pras Lamp Shade. So for those who want a beautiful ornament, unique lampshade or other household accessories, what are you waiting for? Text and photos by Elisabeth Murni Translated by Noer Said

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