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Javanese Clothing and Language in Yogyakarta 254th Anniversary Ceremony

Javanese Clothing and Language in Yogyakarta 254th Anniversary Ceremony

Ceremony at Yogyakarta City Hall

07 Oktober 2010

Jogja, Jogjatrip.com—Today, 7 October 2010, Yogyakarta is 254 years of age. The entire staff and officials at the Municipal Government of Yogyakarta joined the ceremony of Yogyakarta 254th Anniversary in Javanese traditional outfit at the City Hall. Leading the ceremony was Mayor of Yogyakarta Herry Zudianto and Vice Haryadi Suyuti. The ceremony was lustrous in colorful Javanese traditional clothing and green palm tree background ornamented with various presents for the palm climbing.

The ceremony was carried out in Javanese language in which Regional Secretary Drs. Rapingun read the history of Yogyakarta. The history revealed the movement of Sri Sultan HB I from Ambarketawang to Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

In his opening speech, Mayor of Yogyakarta delivered his hope that in the future Yogyakarta should become more advanced and able to give better service to its people. Herry said that Yogyakarta anniversary of the year must be the basis for the entire staff of Municipal Government to be more sincerely unite with the people of Yogyakarta in solidarity and kinship.

Herry also said something about the Bung Hatta Award for social service and permission he received on Monday (10/4). He explained that the award should go not only to himself but also to all staff of Yogyakarta Municipal Government for their hard work.

“The award does not go to myself personally, this should be for all staff of Municipal Government of Yogyakarta. I have proposed this motion and it has been agreed that this award belong to all of us. Without my staff, this achievement is impossible,” Zudianto explained.

Yogyakarta 254th anniversary celebration was marked with Pawai Mozaik Yogyakarta started at 14.30 West Indonesian Standard Time. The procession was followed by people from different background, starting from Yogyakarta North Square and finished at Yogyakarta City Hall.**(Eko Wahyu)

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