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Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, Tourism Culture is in Your Hotel

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, Tourism Culture is in Your Hotel

Facilities and amenities are the main things of our consideration in deciding to stop in one of resting places. Without any doubt, these two things of course will be given by every resting place in order to maintain its image and satisfaction for the guests. However, one thing very rarely done by the resort owner is to give another impression, for an example, the impression of culture and education, rather than merely as a convenient resting place and has full of facilities.

Here is the impression we offer. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel offers not just a resort, but also the science of Malay culture. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel is designed as a resort under a concept of “learning while resting”. The guests will learn the Malay culture blended in every corner of the building featured with Malay carvings and artifacts, designed facilities in Malay character even to the smallest trinkets, such as a dinner plate contains various information of the history and culture of Malays.

Imagine you are taking a rest in a very comfortable place, artistic, equipped with such luxurious and complete facilities of a four star hotel, added with full of knowledge about Malay. Here you will not only interact with all materialistic Malays, but also experience direct activities as one of the Malays, including dressing in Malay clothes, demonstrating martial arts techniques, cooking Malay menu, unrequited rhyme, and much more. In other word, here in this place, you will absolutely feel like the real Malayan.

Staying overnight in Malay Hall Museum Hotel, not only knowledge and comfort atmosphere you gain, but also directly participating for the survival of the Malay culture itself. Considering the Balai Melayu Museum Hotel was built instead of a commercial purpose but as an asset to the sustainability of fundraising Malay activities fronted by the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture (BKPBM).

Various activities to preserve Malay culture have been performed by BKPBM. Some of these activities is the Malay history and culture research that is realized through establishing various portals, including www.melayuonline.com, www.wisatamelayu.com, www.rajaalihaji.com, www.tengkuamirhamzah.com, www.ceritarakyatnusantara.com, and www.kerajaannusantara.com. In addition to these portals, various Malay activities are also being carried out, such as publishing Malay books, holding seminars, cultural tour visit, even reviving Malay artifact by making replicas of Malay palaces, Malay houses, Malay Kris, Malay clothing, and many more, which are funded from the guests who stayed at this place.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Immediately book in Balai Melayu Museum Hotel and you will get the satisfaction, comfort, knowledge, and became one of people who behind the preservation of Malay culture.

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers various equivalent facilities to a four-star hotel. The hotel rooms are designed with a strong character combined from the aspects of luxury, artistic, and comfort. The rooms include:

Mahligai Seri Utama



Measuring of 8.5 x 5.5 meters in suite room type, the room named Mahligai Seri Utama is the largest room available in the hotel. This suite-type room prioritizes three main aspects include the luxury, art, elegance. The room is equipped with springbed deluxe designed similar with the king’s bedroom in white nuance.

The room provides a variety of luxurious amenities include three-door wardrobe, TV 42-inch, dressing table, air conditioning, sofa, and one wardrobe contains a collection of betel tools. The room is also featured with hotspot area, so you can access the internet.

The bathroom in Mahligai Seri Utama Room is equipped with the bath up, shower, and sink.  The bathroom floor is designed with a blend of white stone and the outer wall is decorated with Malay carved ornaments made of cement.

Mahligai Seri Utama Room is also equipped with a balcony overlooking directly to the garden in the yard of Malay Hall Museum Hotel. Here you may relax while feeling such a comfortable atmosphere in the afternoon.



Mahligai Seri Maharaja

Once entering the room, you will see the artistic values directly depicted from brown-nuance room decorated with Malay carvings, starting from the bed, three-door wardrobe, dressing table, windows, doors, even the door handles are designed in Malay Kris.


Measuring of 7.5 x 4 meters in junior suit type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 42-inch, air conditioning, sofa, three-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. The window inside the room has a view directly to the park covered a variety of tropical plants. In addition, the floor of Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room is made of a layer of very fine wood.

The bathroom in Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room is decorated with the theme of mosaic tiles and designed with a very artistic completeness shower, sink and luxurious artistic round-shaped bath.


Mahligai Seri Laksamana



As the name implies, Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room indicates blue nuance symbolizes the sea. Besides the sea, the impression emerged from the room is an elegance and valor. It becomes more complete looking at the decoration of various Songket clothes beautifully blended with the facilities inside the room, such as on the bed, wardrobe, and the dressing chair.

Measuring of 7.2 x 3.6 meters in deluxe room type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. In addition, Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room also comes with a balcony that leads directly to gazebo, fishpond, and the view of tropical plants.

The bathroom in Mahligai Seri Laksamana Room is decorated with natural white-stone floor and an attractive sink. Various carvings also appear decorating the bathroom, even the door handle also comes in Malay Kris design.

Mahligai Seri Mersing


The yellow color as a typical Malay greatness seems in a strong character blended in this room. Measuring of 4.4 x 3.5 meters in deluxe room type, the room is equipped with various facilities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-Inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area. The floor space is made of fine layer of wood.

Mahligai Seri Mersing Room is also decorated with Songket clothes combined in some parts, such as on the bed, wardrobe, dressing chair, and sofa. This white base color fabric with gold thread embroidery looks congruous with the yellow color dominating the room.

The interesting thing of Mahligai Seri Mersing Room lies on the bathroom roof that is made of glass so the natural sense can go straight to the bathroom. The roof gets direct light from the sun during the day and dim light of the moon at night. This feature matches with the black color of the walls and floor inside the bathroom.

Mahligai Putri Bungsu

Cool, natural, as well as comfortable are the impressions of the green nuance room named Mahligai Putri Bungsu. Measuring of 3.4 x 3, 8 meters in deluxe room type, the room has a wide range of amenities, including the springbed deluxe, TV 32-Inch, air conditioning, sofa, two-door wardrobe, dressing table, and hotspot area.


The bed inside Magligai Putri Bungsu Room is full of Malay Songket clothes decoration, either on bed or on pillow. This white base color fabric with gold thread embroidery also looks congruous with the green shade nuance of the room.

The room is equipped with an artistic bathroom designed in similar with the one Mahligai Seri Maharaja Room. The green ceramic mosaic nuance also looks fit to the color of Magligai Putri Bungsu Room.


Interesting Package Offers in Balai Melayu Museum Hotel

In addition to the luxurious artistic convenient rooms, Balai Melayu Museum Hotel also offers various other facilities. The supporting facilities include the cafe that provides various menus of Malay cuisine, a library that stores collection of thousands of books on Malay, and a museum that stores various Malay objects, such as traditional weapons, betel tools, farming tools, musical instruments, palace and traditional house replicas, Malay clothes and much more. Other interesting package offered by Balai Melayu Museum Hotel is tour packages to various attractions in Yogyakarta. This package offers tourist explore satisfaction as well as gain the knowledge of history and culture. The packages are:

1.Cycling Package:

  • Temple cycling (Boko - Prambanan – Plaosan - Sambisari)

  • Historic pilgrimages cycling (Kotagede – Imogiri - Parangkusumo)

  • Yogyakarta cycling (Kotagede – Malioboro - Kraton - Taman Sari Water Castle)

  • Countryside cycling (natural exploration in Bantul District and Sleman District)

2.Photography Package:

  • Architectural photography (historic buildings, including Ngayogyakarta Palace, the Great Mosque Kauman, Taman Sari Water Castle, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Boko Temple, Cetho Temple, Kalasan Temple, and more)

  • Landscape photography (natural scenery, including Mount Merapi, Parangtritis Beach, Samas Beach, Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach, Sundak Beach, and more)

  • Human Interest photography (cultural activities, including the activity in Beringharjo Market, public dances, public ceremonies, and more) 

3. Exploration and Adventure Package

  • Caving in Gunung Kidul District

  • Shore lining to the white sandy beach on Gunung Kidul District

  • White-water rafting on the Solo River

4. Batik package

  • Batik Learning

  • Bring back home your Batik creation


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