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YAPPI Gunungkidul Vocational School (SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul)

YAPPI Gunungkidul Vocational School (SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul)

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Address : Dusun Bansari, Desa Kepek, Kecamatan Wonosari, Kabupaten Gunungkidul, Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta PO BOX 55813

Koordinat GPS : -7 57' 29.73", +110 35' 37.58"


A. Overview

Education is an important base for developing a nation. Well-structured and well-ordered education system is a characteristic of an advanced civilization. The aim of education is integration of many knowledge disciplines in a frame of science.

People say good science must be balanced by faith and piety. This principle becomes a foundation of the establishment of a private vocational school in Gunungkidul Regency. This private school aims at balancing the delivering of science based on faith and piety.

This school is YAPPI Gunungkidul Vocational School (SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul). It was established in 1982 based on Decree of Regional Officer, Education and Culture Department, Special Province of Yogyakarta, No. NDS: D4204030003, NSS: 324040301003.

Since its establishment, this school, which is under Educational Agency of Ma’arif Nahdhatul Ulama Special Province of Yogyakarta, bases its education on the tent of ahlussunnah waljama’ah (term used by Sunni Muslims to describe themselves, usually in distinction to the Syi’ah). Therefore, people recognize this school as an Islamic school (madrasatul Islamiyah).

SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul always tries to improve the quality of its educators and students in order to produce high-quality graduates. This effort was successful because in 1998, based on Accreditation Decree of Elementary and Middle School General Directorate No: 35/C.C7/Kep/MN/1998 dated March 10th 1998, the status of SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul changed from Acknowledged into Accredited.

During its early years, this school was located in the Complex of Pembangunan High School Gunungkidul. After 10 year occupying this building, in 1992 SMK YAPPI moved to its own building which is located in Bansari Village, Kepek Subdistrict, Wonosari District, Gunungkidul Regency. Since then, the learning activities are held in this building.

Previously, SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul only had a program, namely Electrical Program. In the academic year of 1999/2000, SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul opened a new program, namely Automotive Mechanics Program. Another opening of new program was in 2001, namely Information Technology Program.

The development of knowledge and competition in the professional world encourages SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul to produce graduates who are competitive in the job market. Therefore, SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul opens three new programs, namely:

1.      Information Technology (Accreditation A/ National Standart)

2.      Electrical Installation Technology (Accreditation B)

3.      Automotive Mechanics Technology (Accreditation B)

B.      Features

SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul is a private vocational school which tries to integrate knowledge with faith and piety. This effort is the aim of SMK YAPPI which hopes to produce professional, pious, nationally competitive, skilled and of high intellectuality graduates in order to face the challenge of technology development nowadays.

Based on the effort and purposes determined since the establishment, SMK YAPPI is considered successful in producing competitive graduates. The success encourages the interest of some educational observers to make SMK YAPPI as a model school.

In 1999, Austria Government appointed SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul as private model school in Gunungkidul area. This appointment was followed by a provision of workshops building and equipment for electrical program from Austria Government as much as 1.5 billion.

C.      Location

The location of SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul is in Bansari Village, Kepek Subdistrict, Wonosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Province of Yogyakarta.

D.     Access

The location of SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul is accessible by two-wheel or four-wheel private transportation. Visitors can also take public transportation, namely the Yogyakarta-Wonosari bus from Giwangan Bus Station, Yogyakarta and stop at Wonosari bus station. After that, visitors can take the public transportation namely colt (mini-bus) of green color which passes through Kepek Subdistrict, Wonosari District.

E.      Ticket

There is no particular charge to visit SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul.

F.      Accommodations and Other Facilities

SMK YAPPI Gunungkidul provides many facilities to support the learning activities, such as:

  1. Representative classrooms for learning activities including 4 classrooms for Electrical Program, 4 classrooms for Automotive Mechanics Program, and a classroom for Information Technology Program.
  2. A mosque as an important element to balance knowledge and religion.
  3. Workshops, namely automotive workshop, electrical workshop, and informatics workshop.
  4. Computer laboratory.
  5. Basketball field.
  6. Two areas of parking lot.


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