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Address : Pedukuhan Kajen, Bangunjiwo, Kecamatan Kasihan, sekitar 8 km ke arah barat daya dari pusat Kota Yogyakarta

Koordinat GPS : -7 50' 37.16", +110 20' 35.52"


A. Overview

Kasongan is the name of shopping tourism destination in Bantul Regency, The Special Province of Yogyakarta. Kasongan area is popular for its earthenware products. In the past, the pottery making in this area was limited only for household equipment, such as kendi (earthenware water carafe), kendil (earthenware rice cooker), gentong (earthenware pitcher), anglo (earthenware charcoal brazier), etc.

Over the time, cratfsmen from Kasongan produce more various and higher quality pottery. The high market demand makes this pottery handicrafts spread along local and international market. Since this addition of pottery handicrafts, Kasongan area becomes popular as the icon of Bantul Regency and The Special Province of Yogyakarta.

Instead of selling high-value handicrafts, Kasongan remains to be area of shopping tourism famous for its reasonable price and various choices of handicrafts. The pottery handicrafts include earthenware jug with a range of motifs namely peacock, dragon, rose, and many more, pots of various size ranging from the little one to the one of the same tall as adult’s shoulder, souvenirs, photo frames, wall accessories, and furniture such as table or chair. The handicrafts are at reasonable price for local tourists.

Nowadays, Kasongan is well-developed. Visitors who want to shop can find many handicrafts other than pottery. Newcomers who open gallery in Kasongan have their role in adding the type of handicratfs produced here. The products sold belongs to local handicrafts made of coconut trunk, dried plants or shells. Kasongan handicrafts develop along with the market opportunities. Nevertheless, pottery handicrafts remain the main commodity of local community.

B. Features

In addition to the handicrafts, another feature of Kasongan is the hospitality. The craftsmen welcome every visitor to see, take photograph, and ask about the craft production. This must be interesting especially for you who come not only for shopping, but also exploring the production and the taste of art of Kasongan people.

Discounts are given to visitors who buy handicrafts in large number. Moreover, the craftsmen usually offer the visitors to choose the desired shape and design. This must also be interesting because visitors can get the most suitable crafts on their own artistic taste and affordable price.

C. Location

Kasongan is located in Kajen Village, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan Subdistrict, about 8 km southwest or about 15-20 minute journey from Yogyakarta downtown.

D. Access

To reach Kasongan, visitors can take public transportation. If you depart from Yogyakarta, you can go about 8 km southwest or about 15-20 minutes rides from the downtown. Public transportations available to reach Kasongan is intercity bus (AKDP) route Yogyakarta-Bantul and taxi.

E. Ticket

There is no charge for visitors to enter Kasongan. Visitors can enjoy the shopping tourism area of Kasongan for free.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

Besides the shops providing various handicrafts, Kasongan shopping tourism provides some interesting accommodations and facilities, such as receiving mass order, offering visitor’s self-created design for the desired handicrafts, and facility of goods delivery.

Shopping in Kasongan is made easy by the ATM machines such as from Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI) and money changer.

Text: Yusuf Effendi
Photo(s): Collections of Jogjatrip.com
Translation: Febrianti Ika Dewi
(Primary data and various sources)

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