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Geblek from Kulon Progo

Geblek has become Kulon Progo?s trademark

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Address : Nanggulan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Koordinat GPS : -7.737188,110.204144


A. Overview

Kulon Progo Regency does not only have tempe benguk (a kind of soybean cake) but also other snack called geblek. The snack has become a trademark of Kulon Progo, just like gudeg is for Yogyakarta. Geblek is made of cornstarch or tapioca flour, particularly wet tapioca flour. The wet flour is brought in to geblek makers in wet dough that can be cut to bits to the desired size.

Wet tapioca flour is used because it costs lesser than other kinds of flour and also makes whiter geblek. While using dry tapioca flour, the geblek is more expensive and grayish or bluish in color.

To make a tasty geblek, first of all the wet tapioca flour is steamed for a short time and then twisted and pulverized while mixed with salt. Then, while the dough is rare, it is again steamed for around 10 minutes before it is taken down and spiced with pounded garlic. The half-done dough is then chipped little by little to make ring shape. The rings are then hooked in two, forming a shape like the figure of 8. The dough is ready to be fried and served.

People coming from or to Kulon Progo usually want to bring geblek home while it is rare or not yet fried. It is because after 8 hours fried geblek will harden and no longer tasty.

The spelling of the name geblek is important. The first “e” is spelled like “a” in “about” and the second is like “ä” in “back”.

B. Features

The raw geblek has an advantage of being able to last for 4 days without any preservatives. After that, it will harden and thus not taste as delicious as it should be if fried.

As for the fried geblek, usually it can last only for a day. However, it will somehow harden an hour after getting fried.

Geblek is best eaten while hot, meaning that it should be eaten as soon as it is fried. This is mainly because in that condition, geblek will be crispy on the outside but soft in the inside. The good geblek is the one that does not get hardened quickly and is a little hollow inside that it looks soft. Another characteristic of a good geplak is the color. It is white even without color additive.

If you want more than just geblek, it is also recommended that you eat it together with tempe benguk, another special food from Kulon Progo. These food would be really great if enjoyed while hot and with a cup of hot tea.

C. Location

Geblek can be found in Bejaten area, Jatisarono Village, Nanggulan District, Kulon Progo Regency or in traditional markets around Kulon Progo, such as Wates Market. For fried geplak, it can be found Wates Market, 2nd floor.

D. Price

The tasty, piquant, fried geblek is sold at a relatively cheap price, i.e. Rp. 2.000,00 a pack (2010). Want to try? Get some now.

Text: Andreas Eko Wahyu S
Photo(s): Collection of Jogjatrip.com
Translation: Reza Daffi
(Primery data and various sources)

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