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Astana Giribangun Graveyard

Astana Giribangun Graveyard

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Address : Karanganom, Central Java, Indonesia

Koordinat GPS : -7.637158,110.60895


A. Overview

Astana Giribangun is a religious tourism object situated in Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. This place is the graveyard of former Indonesian president Soeharto. The complex was built upon Ngaglik Hill and occupies an area as wide as 4.3 acres.

Before Astana Giribangun was constructed, there had been a complex of Mangkunegaran Royal Family graveyard called Astana Mangadeg. Inside, there is the tomb of Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya (KGPAA) Sri Mangkunegara I, also known as Pangeran Samber Nyowo. He was the founder of Praja Mangkunegaran, the biggest autonomous state in the east part of Central Java.

Astana Giribangun was built on 1974 and inaugurated on Friday Wage (day in Javanese calendar), July 23rd 1976. The burial place has three domes, i.e. Argotuwuh, Argokembang, and Argosari. The first one is the primary dome under which Pangeran Samber Nyowo was rested and the other two are for the ruler’s relatives and maybe also some of the board of Mangadeg Foundation.

Position-wise, Astana Giribangun is situated below Astana Mangadeg. This also shows that Sri Hartinah (Bu Tien, Soeharto’s wife) had blood relation to the family of Mangkunegaran III. In this site, Soeharto, the second president of Indonesia, was buried. Today, this place has become a destination of pilgrimage for people from different areas in Indonesia.

B. Features

Astana Giribangun is located upon a hill with scenic view, green landscape, and shady surrounding. People will feel very comfortable in the complex. Pilgrims go in and out. They come to pray and put flowers in the second president’s graveyard.

The passage to get up hill is rather steep and windy. All the exhaustion you might get from walking up is worth it for you will be amazed with the natural beauty of Ngaglik Hill along the way.

Astana Giribangun adopts the architecture of Javanese traditional house, joglo. The 200 m2 complex has three domes (cungkup) called Cungkup Argotuwuh, Cungkup Argokembang, and Cungkup Argosari, which is the highest dome of the three. The four main pillars of Cungkup Argosari are made of concrete ornamented with woodcarving from Jepara on the outside. On the lower part of the pillars, there are rings made of metal that looks like gold. As for the floor, it is made of jasper tiles of Tulungagung.

Cungkup Argosari is the main dome under which ex-President Soeharto and his wife, as well as his parents-in-law were rested. The Surakarta-style joglo building is 81 m2 and has woodcarving walls.

Visitors can also see the porch of Cungkup Argosari. The 243 m2 porch is a burial for Soeharto’s children and children-in-law. There is also an open veranda as wide as 405 m2 planned to be a burial place for counselors, managing board, and staff members of Mangadeg Foundation.

Cungkup Argokembang is 567 m2 and a burial place for the board of Mangadeg Foundation and the Royal Family of Mangkunegaran aristocracy. As for Cungkup Argotuwuh, which is the outermost dome, it is a 729 m2 burial place. And like Cungkup Argokembang, it is dedicated for the board of Mangadeg Foundation and the Royal Family of Mangkunegaran.

C. Location

Astana Giribangun is situated on Ngaglik Hill, roughly 40 km north of Solo City. It is in Matesih District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java Province.

D. Access

To get to Astana Giribangun, you may start from Tirtonadi Bus Station or Adi Sumarmo Airport, Solo. You can go by minibus heading for Karanganyar or Tawangmangu from the bus station, and get off at Karanganyar. From the airport, you should get a taxi.

E. Ticket

There is no admission charge. To be allowed in, a visitor only has to show his/her ID card to the custodian. Visitors could give some alms for the upkeep of the grave though, by putting some money into a box put near the entrance gate.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

In the complex of Astana Giribangun, there are small mosque, bathroom, two waiting rooms, resting place, parking lot, souvenir kiosks, and food and drinks peddlers.

For visitors’ comfort, the complex also provides two pavilions, Paseban Timur and Paseban Selatan, for people to take a rest.

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