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Taru Jurug Fauna Park

Taru Jurug Fauna Park

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Address : Kota Surakarta, Propinsi Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Koordinat GPS : -7 33' 49.11", +110 51' 15.06"


A. Overview

Jurug Park is the more popular name for Taru Jurug Fauna Park. Built in 1975, the 14 acres park is a recreational resort for family offering panoramic view, free entertainment facilities, children games, relaxing places, and so on.

In 1983, Jurug Park had a change of function, i.e. from a mere park for relaxing to become a fauna park like zoo. The development and addition of animals in the park was the result of Sriwedari Stadium expansion project, which displaced Sriwedari Zoo, the heritage of King of Surakarta, Paku Buwono X.

As a pride of Surakarta, the park had undergone development and renovation in almost every aspect. All of the efforts, for sure, aimed to increase visits. So Taman Gesang (Gesang Garden) and Petilasan Joko Tingkir (literally, remnant of Joko Tingkir, a legendary figure) were built and not to mention, on-stage exhibitions are held regularly on holidays. It shows the seriousness of the regional government of Surakarta in making the park one of the leading tourism resorts in Central Java. Now, there are four agencies of government in charge of the park, namely Agricultural Agency (taking care of the flora and fauna), Regional Income Management Agency (taking care of financial matters), City Planning Agency (managing the function of space and investment), and the last, Regional Asset Management Office.

B. Features

It would be very fun to spend some time in the park while you are in Surakarta. The park at the bank of Bengawan Solo River offers green gardens and children playground with various kinds of playthings. There are big shady trees and many different animals such as monkeys, snakes, elephants, deer, birds, honey bear, Sumatran tigers, leopards, blue peacocks, and many other collections of faunas.

The passages in the park are neatly arranged, enabling visitors to have a comfortable leisure walk. However, there is also a mini coach that can take visitors around with a fare of Rp 3,000 for each person.

A mini lake is provided for tourists along with boats that can take you around to see the beautiful surroundings. Tourists may also fish in the lake by renting the equipments in the kiosk. Another interesting facility is the elephant or horse ride with a tariff of Rp 3,000-7,000 per person for one round.

Usually there are many visitors who come to only sit down below the trees. They rent a mat and just enjoy the situation there. On holidays, there is usually on-stage exhibition featuring dangdut, campursari, keroncong, reog, puppet show, and other art performances.

To honor the keroncong maestro Gesang, who wrote the song “Bengawan Solo” and thus made the world knows about the river, the government built Gesang Garden in the park. In the garden, there is a statue of Gesang, which is inaugurated by the Major of Surakarta, Hartomo, on October 1st 1993.

Taru Jurug Fauna Park is also often visited by researchers conducting a study on the faunas in the park, there are 207 species from domestic areas and abroad. As for the plants, there are casuarinas, Poinciana, acacia, munggur (albizia saman) etc.

Tourists can also see the natural beauty of Bengawan Solo, which flows next to the park, by renting motor boat. Once a year, there is held the tradition of Larung Getek Joko Tingkir. The tradition aims to commemorate the story of Joko Tingkir when he was sailing through the river. It is performed every Shawal month and free of charge.

 C. Location

Taru Jurug Fauna Park is situated in Surakarta City, the province of Central Java. This park is located on Ir. Sutami Street, the main road connecting Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

D. Access

It is easy to reach Taru Jurug Fauna Park for public transportation from different direction goes past it. You can start from Tirtonadi Bus Station in Surakarta. From there, you can get a minibus to the park. It may take 30 minutes trip to get there. From the bus station, you can also take a bus heading for Surabaya or Tawangmangu and get off in the location.

E. Ticket

The admission ticket is Rp 6,000 on workdays and Rp 7,000 on holidays. For children of 2-4 years old, the ticket is Rp 3,000 on workdays and Rp 4,000 on holidays (December 2008). The ticket includes insurance. The park is open everyday 07.00-17.00 West Indonesian Standard Time (December 2008).

F. Accommodations and Facilities

In the tourism resort there are many facilities, including small mosque, mini coach, spots for relaxing, fishing equipment rental, mat rental, playing ground, children playthings (twisting chair, swing, hobbyhorse), mini lake visitors could sail upon on a boat, and on holidays, on-stage exhibition featuring dangdut or keroncong musical performance, reog, and puppet show.

Around the place, there are kiosks selling food and drinks. For those who want to stay overnight, there are hotels around the location.


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