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Ongklok Noodle

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Address : Jalan Pasukan Rongolawe, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Koordinat GPS : -7.354338,109.905905


A. Overview

If you have the chance to visit Dieng, don’t forget to drop by this little and pretty town on the south foot of that mountain, namely Wonosobo. Located between Dieng highland and Mount Sindoro-Sumbing, this town has relatively low temperature. In addition to Dieng highland as the main tourist destination, this town has some other interesting sites to visit. There are Kalianget hot spring and Tambi agrotourism. After visiting these sites, spend some time enjoying the unique food of this town, namely Ongklok Noodle (Mie Ongklok).

Ongklok Noodle is special food as well as the icon of Wonosobo. According to local story, the creator of this recipe is Mr. Muhadi. Mr. Muhadi created this recipe unintentionally. During his youth, Mr. Muhadi worked for a noodle seller. After working there for a while, Mr. Muhadi wanted to be independent. He then decided to start a business with noodle as the main menu. At that time, Mr. Muhadi hawk his noodle. Unsatisfied by regular noodle recipe, Mr. Muhadi experimented on new recipe using local ingredients and resulted on the later known as Ongklok Noodle.

Using yellow noodle, leek, and cabbage (the main green products of Wonosobo), Mr. Muhadi cooked Ongklok Noodle which fits the appetite of Wonosobo people, and thus becomes the favorite food of local people. The geographical condition of Wonosobo which is located in highland and has low temperature makes this noodle appropriate if served when it is hot.

B. Features

Actually, the story of calling this food Ongklok Noodle is not clear yet. It may be based on the cooking process which is diongklok-ongklok. Ongklok-ongklok means stiring the noodle by throwing it up from the container. The contents will be scattering up and down back to the container without any spilling.

The process of cooking this noodle is relatively easy, almost similar to the process of cooking chicken noodle. Yellow noodle along with sliced leek and cabbage is boiled and stirred up in a container similar to a big ladle made from small bamboo with a handle. When noodle and vegetable are ready, the mixture is poured into a bowl. Spices are added and thick brown sauce is poured. The thick sauce is a mixture of onion, garlic, tapioca flour and dried shrimps. Finally, peanut sauce and fried onion are added and Ongklok Noodle is ready to serve.

If you like it to be more spicy, the seller will add sauce by crushing some chilies using spoon on the bowl before boiled noodle and vegetable being poured to it. However, some sellers prepares separate sauce from crushed chilies mixed with terasi (fermented shrimp or fish). Ongklok Noodle will be more delicious if eaten along with the side dish, namely beef sate (small pieces of meat roasted on skewer). The spices of beef sate are peanut and soy sauce, thus the taste is sweet. The mixture of both will create unique taste combination absent in any other noodle menu.

In addition to beef sate, there are other side dishes, namely tempe kemul and lekok. In Javanese, kemul means blanket, thus tempe kemul is tempeh (fermented soybean cake) covered with flour dough. However, tempe kemul is not similar to common floured tempe we usually find, because those are different. The flour dough of tempe kemul is mixed with turmeric as the dye along with sliced leek. Lekok or geblek is made from fried tapioca flour. People outside Wonosobo usually call this food cireng.

The servings of Ongklok Noodle may be less interesting due to the brown liquid similar to slime on top of it. However, the old proverb “don’t judge the book by its cover” applies well to this cuisine. Don’t give any judgement to this cuisine if you have not even tried it. Once you try it, you will be addicted. So, don’t miss the chance of enjoying Ongklok Noodle if you are in Wonosobo.

C. Location

Visitors can easily find Ongklok Noodle in Wonosobo because there are many sellers of it around the city. However, the most popular and mostly searched one by culinary tourists is Ongklok Noodle Pak Muhadi on A. Yani Street (in front of Wonoboga Restaurant) which is the main street of Wonosobo City. You can also enjoy Mie Ongklok Longkrang on Pasukan Ronggolawe Street. Another famous one is Mie Ongklok Bu Umi, located on Masjid Street, North Kauman. Those locations are in Wonosobo downtown and accessible by public or private transportation.

D. Price

To enjoy a bowl of this delicious noodle, you do not have to pay much. Although the price may be various, but the average price of a bowl of Ongklok Noodle is around Rp 3.500,00 to Rp 4.000,00. Moreover, for the complementary menu, a portion of beef sate is sold at Rp 10.000,00. While tempe kemul and lekok is sold at Rp 500 each.


Text: Elisabeth Murni
Translation: Febrianti Ika Dewi
Photo(s): Collections of Jogjatrip.com
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