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Address : Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Kota Yogyakarta, Provinsi DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Koordinat GPS : -7 48' 19.72", +110 22' 11.42"


A. Overview

For the people who live in Yogyakarta, the name of Purawisata Art and Cultural Center, or better known as Purawisata, is not a new thing. For some people, Purawisata is a place where you can enjoy dangdut music show every night. Likewise, this is a place where Ramayana Ballet is performed. Indeed, Purawisata, which is located one kilometer away from Malioboro Street, offers many kinds of performance you can enjoy every night.

Purawisata is worth visiting destination by people in Yogyakarta as well as those outside Yogyakarta. Based on the 2002 Yogyakarta Statistics book published by the Yogyakarta Culture and Tourism Service, TasteOfJogja.com notes that Purawisata is one of ten most visited tourism objects in Yogyakarta. In the statistics, Purawisata stands the seventh number, under Baron and Glagah beaches.

B. Features

Purawisata Art and Cultural Center were established on 1989. Since its establishment, people can enjoy many kinds of entertainment. The visitors of Purawisata vary from children to adults and from local tourist to the foreign ones. Generally, there are three kinds of entertainment performed in Purawisata and one recreation area.

1. Family Recreation Area

In this area, you can enjoy fun fair, agility arena, and children swimming pool. In the fun fair arena, children can enjoy many kinds of games such as kiddy helly, boom-boom car, view wheel, merry go round, mini train, kiddy boat, and kiddy ride. Meanwhile, children can also play and do exercise in the swimming pool and the agility arena. The family recreation area is opened from morning to afternoon.

2. The Open Stage of Dangdut Show

Purawisata‘s dangdut open stage is dedicated for adult visitor. You can enjoy the dangdut show in the open stage every night, except on Friday. The show performes many famous Malay orchestras (OM) in Yogyakarta, such as OM Satria and OM Lathansa. Those two famous orchestras once in a week perform their abilities with their best singers.

On Friday, you can enjoy band performances. Old songs of Koes Plus and many other oldschools bands are performed at Friday. Those music performances, both dangdut and the old songs, are performed from 08:00-11:00 pm.

3. The Open Theater of Ramayana Ballet

In Purawisata, Ramayana Ballet is performed every night in an open theater. The performance is divided into two episodes. The first episode, which tells about Shinta‘s abduction until Hanoman obong, is customarily performed at odd nights. The second episode, which tells about Kumbokarno‘s death until Shinta obong, is performed at even nights. If the last night of the month is an odd night, Ramayana Ballet will be performed in full episode.

You will not only enjoy watching the entire performance and the dancing, but also many amazing things like fireball attraction in the scene of Hanoman Obong. The story of Hanoman Obong alone tells about Hanoman – a mythical moneky in the Javanese shadow puppetry - that were meant to be burned Rahwana. However, Hanoman could set the kingdom of Alengkadiraja, Rahwana‘s kingdom, on a raging fire finally. You will also be amused by the acrobatic attractions in the scene of Hanoman‘s fight with Rahwana‘s paladins.

Actually, Ramayana Ballet had been performed long before the establishment of Purawisata. As Purawisata was established, the performance is now part of Purawisata‘s cultural performances and has been becoming the main show since then. In 2002, Purawisata has made an entry to the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) for 25-year-non-stop Ramayana Ballet performance.

4. Java‘s Grebeg

Purawisata has launched a new event entitled java‘s grebeg. It is a part of Javanese cultural tradition packed in the form of performing art, which brings up the ceremony of Javanese life circle.

C. Location

Purawisata Art and Cultural Center is located in a strategic point. It is only one kilometer away from Malioboro. If you are in the Yogyakarta Palace, Purawisata is just about 500 meters to the east of the palace. Purawisata located precisely at Jalan Brigjend Katamso, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

D. Access

Purawisata is very accessible. If you use Trans Jogja, you can take the buses that pass the location, that are bus 2A or 2B and descend on the shelter near Purawisata. If you take the regular bus, you can choose the buses that pass Jalan Brigjen Katamso, that are buses of route 2, route 9, route 15, or route 16. If you take those regular buses, you can descend right in front of Purawisata art and cultural center.

D. Ticket Price

The prices of the tickets in every type of performance in Purawisata are varied. It is free for you to enter the family recreation area, but if you want to use the facilities such as the swimming pool or the games, you have to pay from IDR3,000 to IDR5,000 depend on the facility you use (May 2009).

To enjoy the dangdut show, you have to pay IDR8,000 for the ticket. The price of the ticket is different on the weekend, which is IDR10,000. If you want to enjoy the performance of the old songs of Koes Plus, the ticket price is IDR10,000 (May 2009). The price of the ticket of Ramayana Ballet is IDR220,000. The price is including dinner in Jimbaran Resto.

F. Accomodation and Facilities

Purawisata has a restaurant named Jimbaran Resto, which mixes the atmospheres of Java and Bali. This restaurant serves you with many kinds of local and international cuisine.

At night, you can enjoy the light atmosphere of Calypso Café Purawisata, which also has a stage for music performance. You can enjoy a warm and romantic night accompanied by the music performance and the delicious taste of the food served in the café.

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