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Wijilan Gudeg Center

Wijilan Gudeg Center

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Address : Jalan Wijilan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Koordinat GPS : -7.80486,110.366698


A. Overview

Visiting Yogyakarta certainly will not complete without testing its typical food, Gudeg. It has very long story especially for the people of Yogyakarta that begins from the reign of Islamic Mataram kingdom until Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. Today, Gudeg is one of royal favorite, even the menu is often served in Palace official event.

Speaking of Gudeg, it will be not far away from wijilan village. The village that located in the neighborhood of Palace is widely known as the place where it comes from. Gudeg is made from young jackfruit or called Gori by the surrounding community. In the past, the material of making gudeg was very easy to get. Besides made from Gori, there is also gudeg that made from other material such as, gudeg manggar (pondoh coconut) or gudeg rebung (tiller bamboo).

B. Feature

Despite gudeg can be found in many places in yogyakarta, but if you want to enjoy it specifically in its center, please have come to wijilan willage. It is located near from Ngayogyakarta Palace and Malioboro area. You will be able to enjoy and choose a various type Gudeg freely in this village, as there are dozen of stalls lining on the street. It is always crowded every day, especially during the holidays. So no wonder if Yogyakarta is widely known as Gudeg city. Food which has sweet taste and little tasty (because the extra seasoning of areh and thick coconut milk) has always been the target of domestic and foreign tourists every time visiting to Yogyakarta.

As for serving, gudeg is usually accompanied by several side dishes such as eggs, chicken, marinated tempeh, marinated tofu, and sambal krecek. Its unique serving is also the main attraction of gudeg, each serving contains of rice on plate clay covered with banana leaves. Almost every serving is different, on the banana leaf, the plate, and the plate clay.

Enjoying the sweet and tasty gudeg seems to be part of life for people of Yogyakarta moreover the price is not expensive. Besides enjoying on the place, you can buy to take home or serve as souvenirs. For you who live outside from Yogyakarta, it is better for you to chosoe the dry gudeg than its original gudeg, because the durability of this dry gudeg is long enough which is approximately 3 days. For packaging, you can ask to simply packed with baskets (woven bamboo) or placed in kendhil (sort of jar of baked clay).

C. Location

Taking from its name, wijilan village is located at Wijilan St, the south of Tarunasura Plengkung or better known as Wijilan Plengkung and in the east of the Yogyakarta north square, Yogyakarta City, Indonesia.

D. Access

The access to Wijilan Village is quite easy. If you are in Malioboro, North Square, or Palace area, you can go directly to the east until you find a large gate or Wijilan Plengkung, you are in the gudeg selling center and you can select any food stall that available surround you.

E. Price

To be able to enjoy gudeg, you can order it according to your. Its price for one serving Gudeg will be valued from Rp. 7,000.00. You can also order in packaging package. For the basket package start from Rp. 25,000.00 until Rp. 50,000.00, while the Kendhil package ranging from Rp 60,000 until Rp 140,000.0 which is most expensive price of gudeg (April, 2011).

F. Accommodations and Facilities

In Wijilan village, which is the center gudeg in Yogyakarta there can be found dozens of food stalls which adjacent to each other. You will also find some shops that sell souvenirs as well as souvenirs of Yogyakarta. Batik sellers around this Wijilan were quite crowded visited by tourists. There are also art galleries, batik studio, dance studio, and the area of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate Palace and North and South Square. For those who want to tour around, tourist pedicabs are always ready to take you anywhere.


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